Jog Falls near highpoint homestay in Thirthahalli

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The Highpoint is a homestay in Thirthahalli, Shimoga district. The property is located near the banks of river Tunga. Also, the homestay falls under the Malnad belt thus, comprising of major tourist attractions around this area. HighPoint homestay in Thirthahalli was founded by a hotel management specialist. He was a former employee in the Oberoi Hotels, New Zealand. Thus, one can expect the best hospitality!

Historical Places in Thirthahalli

In fact, one can visit the rich historical sites in Augumbe. Arguably, it is well known for its scenic beauty of nature and never to be missed sunset. In addition, there are places to quench adventure thirst for trekkers at Kavaledurga Fort built in the 9th century. You also can visit the late national poet, Kuvempu’s house turned into a museum. 


By and large religiously moved, soft-spoken, kind in nature and very cooperative people live in this city. They depend on farming. Mainly on betel nut, paddy, sugarcane, and coconut. As a matter of fact, Kuvempu (late) and Poornachandra Tejaswi hail from Kuppalli a county near Thirthahalli, the national poets.

Shimoga is a true picture of nature’s bounty. Its landscapes dotted with waterfalls, swaying palms and green paddy fields. Above all, the great Indian dynasties ruled here. Dynasties of the ‘Kadambas, Gangas, Chalukyas and Vijaynagar Kings’. 

Life Lines

Also the rivers’ Tunga, Sharavathi and Kumudavathi’ inundate the rich greens of the region. In fact, Jog Falls drops from 830 feet making it the second highest waterfall in India. 


Another legend set in the time of Ramayana. It indicates that Maricha, a relative of king Ravana came disguised as a golden deer to charm Sita, the wife of Rama. When Rama was asked to get Sita the deer, he followed the deer and killed it. This incident is supposed to have happened near a place called Mrugavadhe in Thirthahalli.

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