Accommodation and Tariff

Accommodation and Tariff details of HighPoint Homestay provides details of all the four deluxe rooms and also the tariff details for each category in terms of couple, kids and groups.

The HighPoint homestay is located at the heart of Thirthahalli, Shimoga. It comes in four rich and spacious bedrooms. 

As a result, HighPoint accommodates a maximum of 8 people conveniently. It also offers a group tariff for a group of 3-8 members which comes under a different package from the rest. 


Deluxe Room 1

A double bedroom accommodation. This room is comfortable, well lit by natural light and renders all the necessary amenities of an excellent bedroom. View end of the page for tariff details.

Deluxe Room 2

Another double bedroom accommodation. It comes with a king-sized bed. Wherein, a couple could come to the closest of having as much personal space as each would have on a twin bed. A very cozy space attached to a living room. View end of the page for tariff details.


Deluxe Room 3

A double bedroom accommodation which renders all the necessities of an excellent room which makes it adequate for our dear guests. View below for tariff details.        


Deluxe Room 4

A double bedroom along with a single cot bed accommodation. This bedroom would be suggested for a family as it comes with a single cot making it an excellent family bedroom. View below for tariff details.         

Accommodation and Tariff Details

Below are the tariffs for each category: 

Firstly, group Package Tariff:

  • Rs. 1150/- per person per night.

Secondly, kids Tariff:

  • For kids below 7 years of age - No charges
  • For kids from 7 - 14 years of age - Half charges is applicable (575/- child per night).

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